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Weather Predictions 2009: Can animals predict the weather? Consider this!

Animal Weather Predictions

7 July 2009 — Jordan

"Make sure if you go away, you take us with you," Jordan said to his human mom, April, during our consult in July. With this he showed us his worry that a hurricane will be coming in mid-August this year, which will leave low lying water levels all around, especially in basements. What made this comment remarkable to us is that Jordan is a Katrina survivor and he now lives on Long Island in NY. The last hurricane to hit Long Island was a Category 2 hurricane named Bob, which roared through in August 1991.

22 May 2009 — Flame, Sami & Lakota


"UGH!" was the equivalent to the feeling the herd sent me as they spoke to their human mom, Lisa, about improvements being made at their farm in Central New York. They were worried about it "being ugly, hot and humid the end of July to first week of August," which made me shudder as well because their weather is my weather, too.

"I sure hope they are wrong," Lisa replied. "If it is only those couple of weeks that would be ok. I'm a high 60's to low 70's, no humidity, breezy type of girl," to which I can completely relate to.

UPDATE: 22 July, 2009

In a recent email dated 22 July, 2009, Lisa stated this: "Watching the weather forcast for the next week - I'm thinking the girls were right. UGG, I'm glad they nailed the prediction BUT... it could have been for cooler and not humid weather. "

UPDATE: 4 August, 2009

The weather for Central New York this summer has been cooler than usual, so the heat and humidity for the last week of July to August 3rd proved to be the hottest this season has had to offer, followed by a refreshing cool-down.

13 April 2009 — Amy

"Oh wow," I said, interrupting the flow of conversation we had been having with Amy about pain medicines she has been on. "Jennifer, Amy is VERY concened about a BIG hurricane coming. She is worried that when the Barometric Pressure drops really low with this storm, it will cause her a lot more pain."

This is a common ailment with arthritis patients, no matter the species. Some humans are even known as "weather predictors" because they will always tell you a storm is coming because they start to have flare-ups and get painful as a storm front comes in. So is the case with Amy Boyd.

With her first weather prediction, Amy showed me a HUGE hurricane. The time frame seemed to be a long way off — in the beginning of September. This storm looked like a Cat-5 to me, as I reflected upon the "pictures" I've seen on the Weather Channel in years' past. As I looked, Amy continued on with her worries.

"She is very concerned about where you live being inundated with water. These seem to be secondary effects to your area as you won't take a direct hit, but will suffer the side effects of this storm being so huge and so close to you," I said. "She is not worried about flooding or being separated from you, rather the effects of the substantial drop in pressure to a very low number."

Jennifer assured Amy that if a storm like that came, she would take them all to safer grounds, away from the track of the storm. She then went on to tell me that Amy is very smart — "Whenever she tells us something, she is always right!"

Amy Boyd is 13 years old. She is a rescued long-haired chihuahua and lives in Jacksonville, FL with her human Mom and Dad, Harvey. She is a "daddy's girl," Jennifer told me. "She has spunk and so much personality. For many years she was the pack leader of the dogs."

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