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Animal communication is a telepathic form of communication which all animals use, and we are born with too. Chances are you are doing it now with your animals – without realizing it. Think back to animals you have known. Have you watched them approach each other and begin to play? They are communicating with each other telepathically. Have you had one animal come to you to "tell" on another? That can be telepathy, too, along with Tattle-tale syndrome. Hey, we all have known one, right?

I have many clients whose animals have known there was something wrong with another of their friends or one of their people, even though they were separated by many rooms. This also goes for you knowing there is something wrong before you even enter the house, and once home you find, sure enough, there is indeed something wrong.

Ever have one animal complain about another before s/he even enters the room? I get that here all the time. Our middle pig, Harry Swinedell, and our youngest, Penny PigMeadows, had a huge fight in June of 2007. We came home to bloody ears and a very upset Harry, whose head tiltled to the side as his poor ear was torn to shreads. We have no idea what caused the fight as our herd had been very content together for years. Investigation (including asking our eldest pig Clover) brought to light that Penny, age 11, had decided that Harry, age nearly 16, was no longer capable of being "Herd Leader." Harry fell from grace, Penny forcibly assumed the coveted title and we nursed pig boo-boos for a long time. For more than a year, I watched closely. If Penny was out in my office and Harry in the river room, as soon as Penny formulated the thought of pushing past my legs from under my desk to go to nap in the other end of the house, Harry would start complaining–loudly. The couldn't even SEE each other! But sure enough, Penny would saunter herself out of the office, down the hall, through the dining room AND the living room, and out into the river room. By the time Harry actually saw her, he would have already worked himself into a tizzy and was running for the kitchen or foyer. This was indeed animal telepathy at its finest in our house. This picture taken of them before the political coup d'état. Pig politics... go figure.

Foyer Piggies

So if you live with animals, surely you will have examples of your own. They are your own experiences with Animal Telepathy, even if you didn't realize it at the time. Don't forget, you're an animal too.

How does it work?

Everytime we form a thought, we've already formed a picture in our mind to go with it... we can't help it, that's the way our brains work. It is these pictures in our mind, coupled with feelings, that animals communicate with. They see and feel what we are thinking (saying). This is the reason why you NEVER need an animal communicator to tell your animal that you love them. This message always comes through loud and clear.

With this in mind, know that you can't hide things from animals either: if you're thinking it, they're seeing it. This explains why you can't find the cat when it's time to go to the vet. When we try to hide things from animals, we only muddy the pictures we are forming and this can become confusing to animals. Humans are used to having many things on their minds at any given time, so it is important for us to learn to focus exactly what we want to convey to an animal so that they will get a clear picture, AND to show them exactly what it is we DO want from them, not what we may be afraid they will do. So right here I am telling you that yes, you are communicating with animals. And yes, you can learn to understand them in return, too.

  1. Animal communication is driven by both our intent to speak with an animal, and our attention on them at the same time.
  2. Animal communication has no distance boundaries.
  3. Animal communication comes in above language.
  4. Animal Communication is verifiable.

Is Animal Communication a Gift?

It is my deepest belief that EVERYONE can communicate with animals, but most of us have merely forgotten how. It can be relearned, and once you recognize the primary mode in which it comes through to you, you can then focus on it, practice and hone that skill. Yes, some will be much better at it than others, just as there are natural born athletes, musicians and even orators, but you can do this.

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Try it for yourself! — Book Appt Now

The best way to judge for yourself what Animal Communication is all about, is to give it a try yourself. I am always honoured to be asked to communicate with an animal and I am always surprised at what they have to say.

Communication session by phone can be recorded for a small fee. We can produce a CD to be mailed to you after your session, or an MP3 file which can be emailed to you for faster delivery. You must ask for them when booking your appt OR at the beginning of your session. It is a great way to enjoy your session over and over again, or to share it with others.

Are Animals Wise?

Animals are living, breathing, sentient beings. This book is their view on crossing over. It has changed my life and I think it will change yours, too.


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Crossing the rainbow bridge

Animals DO communicate with the world around them. An animal communication consultation can help you understand just what it is your beloved animals have to say.

What Can Animal Communication Do
for You and Your Companion Animals?

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