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Animal Communication

Preparing for an animal communication

Preparing for an animal communication session is easy. When you first call in to make an appt., I will ask for very limited information about your animals: their name, species, approximate age and colouring. This helps me make that first link with your friend, as you and I will both have our attention on them at the same time. This alone the reason why I do not need a picture in order to communicate with your animal friends (although I do love to see them), AND you do not have to be with your animals when we do speak. Animal Communication has no distance boundaries.

If you will be with your animal at the time of our consult, let them be free to do as they wish. Some may want to be right there, staring you in the eye. Others may leave the room or sit with their back to you. Some may even become quite animated, doing things they never do. The most intriguing situation is when they lay down and appear to be sound asleep, but nonetheless, are still communicating. The only time they may have difficulty is if they are very ill, are at the vets, or are under stress /duress at that moment. If an animal is under anesthesia, often I can not get them at all.

Calling in for your session

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