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Crossing the Rainbow Bridge — NEW Soft Cover Edition

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A Timeless Book from Carp Cove Press

If you have ever mourned
an animal or human...

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge


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Have you ever grieved the loss of a companion animal or wondered to yourself...

  • Do animals have a soul?
  • Do their souls survive after death?
  • Do the ties of love last?
  • Will I ever see them again

Somewhere "just this side of heaven," at a place called Rainbow Bridge, these questions and more have been answered by an unlikely lot of memorable characters —
pigs, dogs, cats, horses, and goats.


Now, in their own words, they will share with you their unique insights on life and death, and what Crossing over the Rainbow Bridge means not only to them, but also their human survivors.

There is an "afterlife" for animals, and their spiritually uplifting messages can both comfort and heal the hearts of the grieving humans left behind.

Sit in on consultations with Colleen, her grieving clients, and their beloved animals who have either passed on, or are near death. Each chapter offers a compelling perspective on life, including:

  • the transition from life to afterlife
  • confirmation of survival after death
  • life's lessons and their meanings
  • how decisions create experience
  • reincarnation and more

Colleen & Sonny


Animal Communicator, Colleen Nicholson, and 38 of her animal clients, will take you on a spiritually uplifting journey past grief, on into the celestial and eternal worlds of "animal heaven."

The stories of these unforgettable animals will thrill you for years to come. Place your order now to ensure that your life will be changed by the animals' timeless messages from heaven, as was Colleen's.


Vincent V.I.P. (very important pig), who confirms his place in heaven with a message that lightens the hearts of those he left behind. Squirrel, the cat, who after a debilitating illness, returns to offer solace to her human mom. Gilby and Comanche — Wild Mustangs, who, although wild no more, impart their captivating views on life, death, and what it truly means to this very special breed of horses.
Freeway and Avalanche — companion dogs, who not only loved their human mom, but also loved each other, so much as to wait to cross Rainbow Bridge together.


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Arturo — The Greatest Goat of All who shares with his human an incredible story of how love and life always live on.

"When Crossing was being written, I was followed around by a herd of unseen animals, many of whom are featured within it's pages, putting people in front of me to trip over, who could help me produce this very special book. I am probably the only human to make a huge business decision based on what a bunch of unseen animals had to say too, but hey—this is is their book! So I put personal logic aside and threw to the wind production advice from people in the publishing field, and published the first edition of Crossing in hard cover, at the animals' request. They felt that if it were a hard cover book, humans would consider it more important... more significant... treasure it more.

"This approach came with one big downfall—high production costs— which kept us from being able to mass market it, but the animals didn't care. So we went to press for as many copies as we could afford, and until now this book has sold mostly by word-of-mouth.

"For the past year I have struggled with the knowledge that it was time to go back to press. Now with a successful and fully sold print-run behind us, I have finally decided to go to soft cover, allowing us to share the incredible messages the animals have to say on the tender subject of "crossing over" with many more people than we were able to reach before.

"We will release the book to the U.S. and the U.K on December 3, 2010. It will be available through us here at Animal Wellness Consultants, at CarpCovePress.com, and by special order at bookstores nationwide. " Colleen Nicholson

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