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Lightning Strikes!! Meet Harry Swinedell

Early this morning, white lightening struck in the little hamlet of Clay, NY. It caused severe damage.Ace Reporter This pig reporter was there in witness.....

Well, it happened. Yup, the big fight happened right here, this morning.

Mom has been letting Chrissy Pig and Iris out into the yard with us, and it's been okay. With her hose in hand, Mom hangs around ready to squirt anyone who's not behaving. Chrissy Pig has been getting a daily hosing, just make her knock off that 'lookin.' But, this morning, Mom went inside.

After breakfast, me, Clover, and Penny went down to the river's edge to graze, just like we're suspposed to. Iris hung out on the crest of the hill. But Chrissy Pig, whose aspirin must have kicked in, decided she'd come down to pick a fight while Mom wasn't around. So, while we were being good and minding our own business, here came White Lightening — lipping off all the way!

Clover put his hoof down and decided he was NOT taking anymore of this. He is Herd Leader here, and that's all there is to it. Mom was indoors vacuuming when it all started, so she didn't know that Clover and Chrissy Pig were getting into it big time. Bristles were flying, and pieces of skin flew too! It was an ugly sight. Iris looked on from one side. Me and Penny stayed down by the river, watching in awe from the other side, and we all were glad it wasn't us.

I think it was Chrissy that let out the yelp Mom heard. She turned off the vacuum and came running out the door. Grabbing her trusty hose, she headed for the river, but all she saw was Chrissy Pig, walking very slowly up toward her, while Clover headed up the hill from the other side of the garden.

Chrissy looked pitiful and her snooty was bright pink. Then Mom saw her bloody ear and the scrapes all over her body. Frankly, I couldn't believe that while Mom was standing right there, Clover headed over to continue his discussion with Chrissy, but Mom hosed him down, and yelled, "Knock It OFF!"

Chrissy wanted nothing to do with anyone, just to get right to her bed. Clover felt the same way himself. So, Mom brought Chrissy in, fixed up her boo-boos, gave her some remedies and put her to bed.

Mom made Clover get his boo-boos all cleaned up, too, before letting him inside. He went straight to the blankie pile and fell down. She poked some Arnica into his mouth, and he's been sleepin' ever since. That was more than an hour ago.As I nonchalantly strolled by, I heard Mom muttering things like: "Dumbass... stupid pig behavior... I don't feel sorry for you... and, maybe this will end it all?" I couldn't believe it! I wondered why she didn't say anything useful, like "Way to go, Clover!" Anyway, she thinks the pig fighting may be over now, and that Clover has emerged victorious, but I'm not sure. I'll have to let you know about that later.

Colleen and HarryNow, in the quiet aftermath, Penny is thinking up some cheers to do and Iris is in sleeping with Chrissy, while I sit here hoofing out this news. Let me tell you, you don't know how lucky you are if you don't have sows at your house!

— Harry Swinedell, Ace Reporter


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