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The Great Pig Truth - Life with Pet Pigs

From the forests of Vietnam, to the sofas of America...
Welcome to the World of
Potbelly Pigs... where a pendulous potbelly
is a prideful thing....

IF you're the pig!
sofa pigs

For the past 15 years, these highly intelligent, loyal, loving, and amazing creatures have entered the hearts and houses of thousands of animal lovers nationwide.

Chrissy PigOnce considered the Yuppy Puppy, potbelly pigs enjoyed a quick rise to fame, but, like with all exotics, the human attention span is extremely limited...although there are tens of thousands of pet pigs living in loving homes, many have suffered abuses of neglect, abandonment, or physical abuse. However.....

Here at Animal Wellness, the life and health of potbelly pigs is of utmost importance to us. As a family owned by three wonderful little pigs, you will enjoy, through this site, the trials and tribulations of what it's like to live with pigs as we desperately try to stay smarter than them!

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If you have ANY questions, just ask!!! One might be...
Do You Really Want To Own
a Potbelly Pig?
Harry & Clover
Meet Harry Swinedell,
Ace Reporter (and middle pig)
Meet Clover
la Oink, PhD,

and Herd Leader
(not to mention
handsome dude)
Meet Penny PigMeadows


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