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Tired of paying huge veterinarian bills
for an animal that always seems
to be sick or having problems?

We can help you!

We are two friends with diversified holistic backgrounds and over 35 years of collective experience in holistic health care. From diet and nutrition to homeopathy, herbs, and animal communication, we can help you cut unnecessary vet bills by putting your beloved animals back on the road to a healthy, long-lived life.

Let us help you help the animals you love.
Colleen & Joyce

educationEDUCATION is our foremost goal. We believe in educating our clients so that you eventually won't need us, and we don't say this lightly. We believe in self-care — as much as possible.


communicationANIMAL COMMUNICATION is a telepathic bridge between species, directed by both our attention and intent to communicate. Because of this, it can be done over distance, allowing for telephone consultations, and Colleen has been communicating for animals across the world since 1992. You'll be amazed to learn the truth about what they're thinking! It's wonderful to know how they feel about their health, food, companions, likes, and dislikes. When a beloved pet does pass over, Colleen can even bridge the gap between here and the other side, easing grief while helping you to let go. Contact Colleen today and give your pet a voice!


feedbagTHE FEED BAG for Animal Wellness offers High Quality Feed for Optimum Nutrition which is paramount to the health of your animals. We offer top quality feed from the best sources around, or Joyce can help you choose one of the many different natural balanced diets or treats you can prepare yourself. Good nutrition, the building blocks of life, gives your pet a strong foundation upon which to lay years of health and vitality. Since 1981, Joyce has been working with Animal Nutrition, so this is her speciality. Contact Joyce today for help assessing your companion animal's diet.


homeopathyHOMEOPATHY is a 200-year-old holistic therapy that's an extension of herbal medicine. It is safe, non-toxic, and highly effective in the treatment of any ailment or trauma. It speeds the recovery of surgical procedures or fractures and is unsurpassed in treating chronic diseases. With guidance from us, a book or two, and one of our various kits, you can keep your pets and family healthy.


flower essencesFLOWER ESSENCES are an effective way to work with many different emotional problems that are causing difficulties from fears to behavior problems.


reikiREIKI is a hands on way to balance energy flows in the body. Everything is energy...ourselves, plants, planet, and universe. Reiki practitioners have gone through attunements which allow universal energy to flow through their hands, helping remove blocked energy pathways, restoring balance to the system. Joyce has been a Second Degree Reiki practitioner since 1995. Colleen is a Reiki Master, began work with Reiki in 1992.

Colleen, a homeopath since 1987,
has over 700 hours of course study in homeopathy,
with another 200 hours of homeopathic veterinary course study.

Joyce, a homeopath since 1991,
has over 500 hours of combined human
and veterinary homeopathic course study.

Whomever you entrust your homeopathic care and education to, check to be sure they're qualified, having sufficient education themselves.

At Animal Wellness, we can also help you with Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, and Kinesiology, or supply you with Holistic Veterinary Books, Remedy Kits, Tachyon Energy Products,
and Natural Flea Relief.

It's never too late to start! One more day spent nurturing health, is one more day full of sloppy kisses, reverberating purrs, grunts of pleasure, and complete adoration.

Contact us today, for help with the animals you love.

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