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Animal Communication

What to expect

Colleen communicating for
contestants of 93Q Halloween
Pet Contest, 2004.
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Fast-paced and packed with info, Animal Communication comes in above language. It comes in the form of thoughts, pictures (mental images), feelings and sensations. I am your translator, who then puts it into words for you. Because I ask for very limited information on your animal up front, I have no preconceived ideas as to what our session will be about, or what to expect. This helps me keep my mind out of the mix so that your animal's message is his own. This is also the reason why I will often ask, "Does this make sense to you?" If it does not, we can immediately ask for clarification before moving on. For this reason alone, I prefer to do phone sessions or in-person sessions such as at Stable Calls or through Online Instant Messenging. With email, you lose this very important opportunity.

I am not a mind-reader, so I will need you to verbalize your question to your animal outloud, whether they are in the room with you or not. I have to have some context of the question so that I can understand the message coming back. Generally an animal can not relate to me something I can not comprehend. Although they do sometimes use specific words, they also can't use one that I don't know.

Communication sessions are varied and wide, but most often they are windows into your animals' inner worlds and their people leave with new insights and understandings. Sessions can be comforting for all involved; a time to better understand a behavior, where it came from and how best to resolve it; a time to make plans for a new friend, routine or home; or even a time to make plans for the later stages of life.

I find that animals do not chit chat like people like to do. They usually get right to the point without a lot of fluff or fanfare. That's not to say they won't elaborate when asked, but sometimes we have to ask to get them to delve further into a subject. They really live in the moment, and for people who are trying to understand a past experience or episode, sometimes animals simply don't care to go back there.

Expect them to have feelings, life plans, and even great spiritual insights, but do not expect them to understand the way you think and feel. They are animals and they do not follow human logic. What is important to you may well not be to them, and vice versa, so this is one area where real communicating can take place. Hence, keeping an open mind!

Expect that your animal wants to communicate with you and that they already know how much you love them. You NEVER need a communicator for that as this message always comes through loud and clear.

Expect the unexpected

I have come to learn that I will be amazed every day by the things animals will share with their people through me. Orville was was one such case, although I did not find out until years after we communicated.

When writing last year to order a Christmas gift certificate for her Aunt, because it had been years since we'd spoken, Karen said this: "You did a reading for me about seven years ago that revealed a foot problem in my horse, Skippy. We also had the beagle, Orville, who insisted there was a black panther in the Rand Tract|Valley section of the city."

I wrote back to ask Karen if they had ever seen a larger than normal black cat that had worried Orville way back? Her reply astounded me.

"Orville never saw anything out of the ordinary that we know of (though he was 3.5 years old when we adopted him from the shelter) but he HATED walking in the Valley Cemetery and Rand Tract in Syracuse's Valley section. Our previous beagle had loved it there with the trails in the woods, lots of smells, etc. We literally had to drag Orville into the woods and stopped trying eventually! So I asked you to ask Orville if there was anywhere he didn't like to go. You proceeded to describe the drive from our house to the cemetery and tat this place was flat and then rose up into a hill, which described the cemetery and the Rand Tract to a "T". Orville said it "smelled bad" (I assume cemeteries do for a hound) and he sent you an image of a blanck panther. you were really hesitant and said, "I can't believe this is what he's saying, but he's showing me an image of a big cat or a mountain lion that is black."

"You told him there was no such thing there but he was insisten and said, "EVERYONE knows it's there." So despite your efforts to allay his fear, he insisted there was a black panther in the woods there. We stopped taking him down there and stuck to walking the neighborhood."

"A couple of weeks later, we were at a party on Onondaga Hll and the communication session came up (they were all animal people). The couple hosting the party, who have lived on Onondaga Hill for years, informed us that indeed there is a legend of the "Onondaga Cat"—a black panther that lives in the woods of Onondaga Hill. Several Syracuse Police Department officers confirmed the legend and said the last peported sighting had been in 1997. Who knew? Orville did!"

Karen went on to say that our communication had taken place in the Spring of 2000. Orville passed in August 2006.

The most amazing thing about this to me is that I have grown up and lived in Onondaga County all my life. Like Karen, I had never heard of such a legend, but thanks to her research, what seemed like a fantastic story from a little beagle, actually turned out to be a real story based in recorded sightings.

Communicating with The Other Side

I do not know where animal communication ends and psychic ability takes over. I can tell you that communicating with animals on the other side comes through, for me, in the same way it does when they are here. In fact, I usually can't tell. So when dealing with a recently departed loved one, I like to know if they are on the other side – should they start out with something funny to say, I will hold my chuckle in respect of your grief.

Although I have successfully communicated with animals who have been gone a very long time, sometimes I can not make a link. Usually it is because they are off and I simply can't get their attention. I suggest you not be discouraged, rather try again the next time you schedule a session. Most often, the next time they will be there, ready to communicate with you. Although they are on the other side, they always say they are "not that far away."

Do you feel them still? Do you suddenly think of them when least expected or think you may have caught them out of the corner of your eye? Have you felt them get up onto the bed with you, only to have you sit up and look, but nothing is there? Animals often talk about still being in their people's lives, breezing through at certain times of the day or times of year. Animals on the other side say often upon their crossing, "Our relationship has not ended, it's merely changed."

Although I have found that during the throes of all-comsuming grief it usually doesn't happen, animals tell me all the time they try to make themselves known to their people after they have crossed. It's their way of letting you know they are still nearby, even if you can't see them. If you think you have just experienced "feeling" them after they have recently crossed, I encourage you to stop whatever you're doing and talk to them outloud. The best outcome is that is indeed was them trying to let you know they are near and your speaking to them at that moment will let them know you have indeed sensed them, helping them to replicate the experience again in the future. The worst that will happen is you are talking to thin air, but who cares, right?

If we plan to let an animal into our heart, then we have to plan on the fateful day they cross over as logistics tell us we will usually out-live them. And although their lives may grace us for a short time, which you may feel is never long enough, your connection with them does not have to end with their last breath on Earth. Hold them in your heart and know that the grief will pass. Animals do live on.

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