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Animal Communication

A Typical Communication

Many clients ask what they can expect from a communication session. Darlene and Andy shared with their friends their own session from notes they took while we were communicating. They agreed to share it with you as well, even though it is in note form and not a transcript. As you will see, Shiloh is a new dog to the household and they are trying to help her get comfortable and understand that there are only a few rules she needs to learn and follow. She is safe here.

Here you go:

Remember this is one small example of a communication session. During yours, you can ask whatever you wish, whatever is most important for you to better understand or convey to your animal. It can be anything from a new friend coming to live with them, a friend having to leave (for whatever reason), health care issues, behavior issues, end-of-life concerns, dietary needs or woes, exercise preferences, what their favorite things are, etc.

The real key is to put some thought into it before your session begins because communications can take on a life of their own, the 20 minutes goes by very fast, and nothing important will be forgotten.





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