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Mysteries of the Mind

Want to hear Colleen and some of the incredibly insightful, beautiful and uplifting messages animals have had to say? Listen to her recent international radio interview.

On November 12, 2002, Colleen was the evening's guest on the internationally broadcast radio show, Mysteries of the Mind, with host Alex Merklinger. Enchanted with Colleen's book, Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: Animal Journeys to Heaven, Alex and Colleen discussed the innate wisdom animals possess and are happy to share with humans if only we would take the time to ask, then listen.

For two and one half hours, Colleen shared with Alex and his listeners worldwide, exerpts from her book, incredibly beautiful and uplifting messages from other stately animals, such as Sonny the elephant from Popcorn Park Zoo, http://www.popcornparkzoo.org or http://www.associatedhumanesocieties.org/popcornpark/index.asp and a small group of buffalo which are part of the last of our nation's original American Bison herd in Montana www.wildrockies.org/buffalo/. The depth of both these messages will leave you astounded, all the while filling your heart with hope.

Join Alex and Colleen to hear what animals have to say about life and death.

To listen to this radio interview in its entirety, go to the web site of the Millennium Radio Network at http://www.mysteriesofthemind.com/Archives/2003/archives200311.htm and click on the link: Wednesday, November 12 - Colleen Nicholson.

Use Windows Media Player to hear this streaming audio file, and by pushing your player ahead to the 30-minute mark, it will put you at the beginning of Colleen's interview.

Come -- be enlightened and amazed.



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