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Harry Swinedell's Hypnosis Insomnia Cure — or achieve the most restful sleep possible... by Wayne Nicholson, CHt.


NEW! Here's an effective approach to getting a sound night's sleep, created by Wayne Nicholson, a Board Certified Hypnotist and Reverse Speech Practitioner. It's a known fact we spend a third of our lives sleeping, or at least we should be. If we don't sleep or get enough deep, restful sleep, it impedes our brain function, lowers our immune system and actually impedes every physiologic function of our body which can lead to dysfunction and disease. Clearly, we need to get good, restful sleep every day. Whether you have insomnia or occasional bouts of trouble sleeping, this CD will help by taking you on a metaphoric trance journey aimed at eliminating thought patterns, emotions and beliefs that stand in the way of peaceful sleep.

"Harry has had a lifetime of sleeping 18 hours a day. Can there be a better sleep expert?" Nicholson asks us to consider.

This hypnotic trance session will have you led through an average day by the river along side Harry Swinedell, culminating with a sold nights sleep. On the way you will learn something about your self image and the limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions that stand in the way of a restful sleep.

"The idea of this CD started with a gift idea I had for my sister. Whenever she comes to visit, if the herd goes to bed and starts snoring, her eyes slam shut. Obviously she does not have trouble falling asleep," Colleen says. "So I asked Wayne if we could make her a CD for Christmas that was full of the pigs snoring. He started to think about the best way to do this and at about the same time two of our friends happened to mention in general conversation that they were having issues with insomnia... awake for hours at night, unable to sleep and then when they finally would fall asleep only a few hours before it was time to get up, it was a fitful sleep."

"With this in mind, Wayne combined the two ideas together, and instead of a goofy gift just for my sister," Colleen added, "he utilized Ore-snay technology (Snore in Pig Latin) with a hypnotic trance session, creating this real and effective CD aimed at helping people get deep and restful sleep. You should give it a try!"

Sounds like a joke, but it really works. Here's what some others have had to say:

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