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Pig Press Release - Ali Wins All and Penny Flies!

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NickelodeonThere's a new star in the sky.......

Associated Pig Press
Harry Swinedell
Ace Reporter

What does this small little northern hamlet and the metropolitan City of Orlando, Florida, have in common? Why, it's one little potbelly sow who has taken NICKELODEON STUDIOS by storm.

Fresh from the high touted Flight School Academy, where Penny PigMeadows had just taken her solo flight this past June, NICKELODEON aggressively courted this little pig and her Co-Pilot, Ali Nicholson.

Hoping to secure themselves both a lucrative and exclusive contract with this new flying duo, papers were quickly drawn up. Hoover "The Hammer" Eiswald, (from the esteemed Tusk and Bristle Law Firm and Ms. PigMeadows personal Attorney-at-Large) rooted out loopholes, making sure Pig Rights were properly covered and that Penny would be compensated fairly. Given the snooty print Seal of Approval, the deal was done and the Town of Clay squealed with excitement.

"I can't wait to fly for NICKELODEON, and prove to the world that it no longer belongs to two-leggers alone!" Penny went on to explain that as the contract read, Ali was first to be allowed the opportunity to stump the cast of "Figure It Out — Wild Style" and win prizes.

Then Penny would take stage and fly her custom built hovercraft created by Alison and her dad from plans they found while surfing the Internet late last fall.


Figure It Out

Summer 1999
Penny PigMeadows has earned
her Pilot's License!
A.P.P. Report from Clay, NY

Pilot Penny PigMeadows

On August 3rd, 1999, at the world-famous sound studio, NICKELODEON Stage 18, Ali won all, and Penny stayed true to her word. Other than a few problems with the flight deck and pig-ignorant ground crew, Penny test flew her craft successfully before posing for the lights, cameras, and live studio audience of applauding kids, both young and old. Although her flight was contractually brief, it was monumental, and you'll be able to see it yourself when it airs later this fall. (TBA — Dec. 17, 1999)Spewer

This reporter is proud that NICKELODEON TV has chosen Penny and Ali to represent all of us pet pigs out there who have loving, attentive humans. As the world watches, Penny will definitely show how intelligent we pigs are, and perhaps it will help humans understand —

Wonderful things happen...
When Pigs DO Fly!!!

And certainly, we'll be able to circumnavigate it, soon.

Signing off — From the Ground
Harry Swinedell






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