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The Feedbag for Animal Wellness

Quality food guidelines — Choosing the proper food for your companion animal.


I am the feed consultant for our business, so the name of my division isJoyce "The Feed Bag for Animal Wellness." I have over 30 years of study in this field. I am also a homeopath and Reiki practitioner, 2nd degree.

My partner, Colleen Nicholson, and myself feel there is a great need to educate people on nutrition and alternative therapies for their companion animals, as we have done for our own. Presently, I have 7 dogs, 7 cats, and 4 horses.

My knowledge comes to me through tremendous study. From volumes of books, live seminars and taped seminars, I have over 150 classroom hours of study devoted to animals alone, with the remainder of 300 more hours devoted to the study of homeopathy for humans. Here I would like to take a moment to tell you a few important things to watch for when choosing a healthy feed for your companion animals.

Choose a feed
which is
  1. Free of artificial colouring
  2. Free of artificial flavors
  3. Free of preservatives -- ESPECIALLY Ethoxyquin!

I am available for private consultation by appointment.

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