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About Us

About Us

I am Colleen Nicholson, Animal Communicator, Author, Homeopath, Energetic Healing Practitioner and co-Founder of Animal Wellness Consultants. Together with my late business partner, Joyce Puchyr, for 21 years we have helped thousands of people help the animals they love. Joyce was our animal nutrition expert (and homeopath, too). She ran what I lovingly called The FeedBag for Animal Wellness. Sadly, when she passed away in December of 2016 she took with her a brain chocked full of invaluable pet nutrition information. If only I could have convinced her to simply touch “record” on her phone while she was talking to clients. I could have put it all to print, something to leave behind when we both were long gone. So sadly, I have had to close down The Feed Bag for Animal Wellness.

The future...

A year has passed and the transition is done so Animal Wellness steps forward into her 23rd year now offering you:

    Animal Communication
    Homeopathic consultations
    Homeopathic Remedy Kits for Animals

      Animal 1st Aid
      1st Aid for Pet Pigs
      Horse Colic

    High-grade CBD Hemp Oil

    As always, for information for your dog, cat, horse, pig, bird, iguana, ferret, ground hog, goat, skunk, turtle or any other animal in your life — No matter where you are in the world, whether you are familiar with animal communication or holistic medicine or not, this is the place for you.