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New Year = New Look

Happy 23rd Birthday Animal Wellness!

It’s long overdue & a perfect time to bring a fresh, new look to this site. I will be updating & making exciting new changes which you will see weekly.
Please bear with me as I am a mere geek-wannabe with a full Animal Communicating schedule. Helpful advice is welcome & please let me know if there is anything you’d like to see.


11am-7pm Mondays/Tuesdays

11am-5pm Wednesdays/Thursdays

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Animal Communication

Animal Communication is a telepathic bridge between species which has no distance boundaries, whether here in the physical or on the Other Side. It is fast paced & packed with info which you are an active participant in. It comes in the form of mental images, sensations, feelings… basically I am your interpreter, taking all that your animal is sharing & putting it into English for you because that is the only language I speak.

    Forge deeper bonds & better understand:

    Health issues
    Behavioral problems
    Training block
    Moving or going on vacation
    New arrivals to the family
    Crossing over

I do sessions by telephone & have a flexible schedule so that I can work with yours.
Contact me to set up your session today. You can communicate with as many animals as you wish during your appointment.

Worldwide Clientele

Clients in the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, India, Belgium, Japan, Scotland, New Zealand, Philippines, Germany & the Netherlands.

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Meet Colleen

Colleen Nicholson is a: world renowned Animal Communicator; Author; Homeopath, Educator; Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing & Quantum Touch Energy Healing Practitioner working with animals and their people around the world from her location in Central New York.

Since 1995 she has worked with animals of all species, from mouse to elephant, turtle to whales and of course cats & dogs. She has designed and taught certifying Animal Communication Seminars, given talks on stage, in smaller more-intimate settings and for both local and national TV & Radio broadcast media. For 5 years she was a monthly contributing columnist for the National Potbelly Pig Association’s newsletter titled “Homeopathy for Farm & Home.”

Since 2003, Colleen’s pro-bono work is for the Associated Humane Societies @ Popcorn Park Zoo in the pine barrens of Forked River, NJ. During seminars held there, Colleen also trains Zoo & Society Staff tuition-free.

Contact Me

Feel free to Email, Phone or Snail-mail me:



    Animal Wellness
    9099 Oneida River Park Dr
    Clay, NY 13041 USA

A Timeless Book for all ages:

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: Animal Journeys to Heaven

Somewhere, just this side of Heaven, is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

Colleen & 38 of her animal clients will take you on a spiritually uplifting journey past grief, on into the celestial & eternal worlds of Animal Heaven. Available in the US, UK & Australia & here by calling or emailing. 254 pgs, soft cover, $23.95