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"I will tell you that Buffalo are a breed among the ancients. We came here long before mankind, and will remain long after man has gone. We may be few in numbers — because of man — but that does not change the fact that Buffalo are here to roam."'

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"Buffalo are a breed among the wisest. A beast not of burden, but of strength and cohesion. We are a peaceful breed. We are a breed of brutish vitality. Buffalo bring sanctity to each within the herd, and offer sanctification to those who gaze upon us from afar. During a 'hunt' there is not one human who does not feel this within the middle of their very being. To strike us down is a mark upon their soul which takes lifetimes to erase. Buffalo are among the species of God... the Great Being... the Infinite Life Force... the Being of Light... the Angel of Animals of All Kinds... that 'thing' beyond us all Whom you may call a number of different names yet still remains the same — the Keeper of Life."

stubby"Bison near Cougar Creek
just outside
Yellowstone National Park.
Photo by Ken Cole."

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On 27 Dec 2001 I had the privilege to be asked to communicate with a buffalo named Stubby and his herd. Stubby had just been captured and killed by the government, supposedly in the act of "wildlife bison control"; however, all information truly points toward something different — the pressures a lobbyist group can place upon government officials which favors the lobbyist's interests instead of the interests of endangered species.

stubbyIn this case, the endangered species is the very last of the true American Buffalo, the lobbyists are the Montana cattle associations.

There is one grass roots group I know of who is in the field 365 days of the year protecting the buffalo as best they can by documenting the natural migration of these buffalo from Yellowstone National Park to just outside the park's borders and back — an ancient route the buffalo have taken for hundreds of years.

The Buffalo Field Campaign also photographs and videographs government agencies harassing and hazing the buffalo — even within the confines of Yellowstone (which is illegal) on snowmobiles, ATVs and helicopters, often during calving season.

I have begun this year's Animal Quote of the Month with these two paragraphs from the lengthy message to humanity that Stubby's herd gave, having a depth unfathomable to many humans, yet touches the very core of every person who has ever read it. I offer this to you not as a political statement or to shock you with some of the horrors man places upon other species of this planet, but rather as a hope for enlightenment that all animals are living, breathing, thinking, sentient beings who deserve our respect for their place in this world, alongside ours.

These buffalo are one of the last of pieces of our American heritage, and the Buffalo Field Campaign will be happy to help you better understand the plight of the American Buffalo.

Please visit their website at

Grass roots organizations like this often go unheralded for the countless hours of work and sacrifice they give to beings in need, so I would like to shed light upon their endless efforts this month.

Thank you for indulging me with this lengthy Animal Quote of the Month. May 2004 bring you and those you love Peace, Health, Joy and Enlightenment in the coming year ahead.

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