Animal Quote

"Truth will come in an instant, but doubt will rattle on forever. "


Pictures from left to right: Chloé — Gumby — Gumby & Pokey drinking at the faucet — Gumby & Pokey watching the birds — Pokey the wise.

These were the saged words from one little cat to her human mom during that first communication consult after Chloe had crossed over to Rainbow Bridge... Nancy had confessed to me that she was a bit worried about being able to really communicate, not just with her beloved three girls, but also with other animals in general, whether they were here with us or on the other side.

"How will I really know I am doing it?" she asked me, but before I could say a word, Pokey jumped right in to answer her.

Wowed by Pokey's truly wise response, I asked Nancy if we could share her with you, and as you can see, the answer was "Yes!"

Animal communication comes in above language. When I'm teaching students how to reawaken their own telepathic skills, I often remind them that before they can speak their question outloud, the answer is often already coming back to them. It's that fast. Yet if we are agonizing over forming the question and sending it to an animal, our brain often gets in the way, analyzing the whole situation, and the message gets lost in the chatter. Do you know what our computer-like brain loves to do in those moments? It likes to start telling you that you're nuts — talking to animals does not compute! So, Pokey's quote makes perfect sense to me. When communicating with animals, we need to re-learn listening and it IS something you can do.

Nancy wrote to you, the reader, when she sent me the girl's pictures for Pokey's page. It is a beautiful story that starts before Pokey crossed, and continued on after Chloé died. If you have a few minutes to read it, I think you will find some things you thought were your imagination at work with your own animals, may not be the case at all.

"Animals have many ways of communicating with us, with all sorts of messages. Some are very wise, as we "hear" with Pokey's wisdom. Some communictions are very physical and touch oriented, others more vocal, and still others more subtle in the "looks" they give you.

"My three girls introduced me to communicating through and in song. As our family blended and grew together, I kept hearing in my mind a nursery rhyme song whenever I interacted with Pokey. It seemed so logical since Pokey had an innocent, always pleasantly surprised disposition. Although the melody was from an existing song, Pokey presented the words which expressed her unique qualities. So we began to have musical minuetes throughout the day when I would sing her song and she would purr or do other cat-cuddly actions.

"Soon I realized that I was hearing another song, one that had a pop melody. As the words develop, I realized this was Gumby's song. Once again, the words and melody fit her cat personality to a tee. It was much more upbeat, active, a more teenager-ish (at least according to my age) feel. We too began having special song time.

"Before Chloe's song was heard by me, Pokey died suddenly at 15 years of age. As my heart opened in my feelings of gratitude for Pokey's love and sadnness that her little body would no longer cuddle up at my pillow, I must have opened to hear even more clearly and closely — for it was during this time that Chloé's song developed.

"Chloé's song is an old classic from the 40's ear. The words had a more mature, more poignant feel to them. Having her song time, during which we could rub foreheads together, seemed to be extra special, more to do with events that were soon to develop. It was as if her song was preparing me for what was to come.

"Gumby and Chloé began spending more time together, helping each other, and me, to stay open in love, in order to honor and feel Pokey's spirit presence. The two girls and I continued singing together, still including Pokey's song, almost as if it were a special introduction to each of the individual songs, which would appear in my mind, weaving into other thoughts; I did not consciously call them to mind."

A year and a few months after the anniversary of Pokey's crossing over, Gumby joined her. She was 16 years old. She had told us she was ready to "drop her fur." Nancy told me that for the next few months, she and Chloé had real alone time together.

"Around the beginning of October 2008 I realized that Chloe´s song was starting to bring up the other two songs, all now being in the same key. Each song included their respective names, yet each song needed to be linked to the others and near the middle of October I found that their names were being exchanged into each other's songs: Pokey's song now could have Gumby's or Chloé's name; Gumby's could have Pokey's or Chloé's, but Chloé's song still held her own. Until on October 22nd when Chloé's song now also held Pokey's and/or Gumby's. The thre songs, originally expressing each one's unique qualities, now belonged to all three inclusively.

"A few days later, on October 25th, Chloé peacefully joined her sisters on the other side."

When Nancy called for a session to speak with the girls, especially Chloé, the first thing the girls showed me was them sitting side-by-side on a fence waiting to talk to us. Nancy felt that was very fitting.

"Although the girls are all free, [I feel] joyous in spirit, running and playing to their delight, their songs continue in my heart. Whenever they start within me, I pause — filled with love and gratitude for being included in their family, for taking time to listen to them when they spoke and sang. For now, I can truly say, I hear their songs of love, which are distinct melodies in the Song of the Universe."