Animal Quote



"I am a bull — a steer — that won't ever breed. I live here now because
I will never taste good to people — who I think should consider eating
themselves for a while — what harm can it do?" ~~Oliver

Words of wisdom spoken September 2004.

Once I finished laughing at Oliver's wonderful human dietary
recommendation, I was amazed to see his story. Rescued by a woman who
was writing a story on life at a dairy farm, she paid $160 ($.90 per
oliverlb.) for newborn Oliver who, because he was a male, was being raised
for veal. Not only does he understand exactly what some people had in
mind for him, he realizes that at Popcorn Park Zoo, he is only expected
to be a happy bull, sharing his kind self with those who come by.


Popcorn Park Zoo


In loving memory of Oliver, who at 12 years old was humanely euthanized at Popcorn Park Zoo, 7 June 2006, due to severe illness. He is mourned by staff, volunteers and all who knew him.