Animal Quote

Bruce Piggie

"You know what mom?" Mia asked her human mom, Nikki,
in her first message from the other side of life.
"Dying is the most beautiful thing I ever lived."

I wanted to honour Mia during this special time of year. For Christians, it's Easter — a time of proof that we live beyond our physical bodies. For everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, it's Spring — the renewal of life for plants that have died or gone dormant for the winter. With the birth of renewed life literally beginning to spring forth in glory, I feel Mia's message seems to make more sense right now.

That day Mia went on to say how happy she was to be there on the other side of life. She was ready and needed to go. Before she left she had only worried about Nikki. Would her mom would be alright when she left? Then she told of how she left her body peacefully and had a beautiful journey home. 

These were good things for Nikki to hear from Mia as she grieved the physical loss of her little friend who was 15 when she crossed. 

Nikki conveyed to Mia how much she was missed by everyone she left behind, and Mia countered with how wonderful it was to have been reunited with Chester, Becky and Halley, animal friends who had crossed over before her. She had even met new friends, Coco & Lady, which had been animals Nikki had loved and lost in her childhood. 

And Mia told of her surprise at all she had forgotten about the other side while she was here in body. 

She said it would be practical for her mamas to get another animal friend, and that she would wait for them, announcing to Nikki that when her time comes to cross over, she will need only to look for Mia...

"I will meet you half way."