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macaya banner by celeryhart pj, colleen, bob and macaya


"You don't have to stand there and look at me with awe — the marshmallows are on the counter."

See Macaya's photo gallery below.

Macaya is a beautiful 8 1/2 year old Catalina Macaw. It is believed that he is male; however, his love affair with his human dad, Bob, leads one to really wonder.

I've had the privilege of vacationing at Macaya's the past three summers in a row. I don't think he likes me much unless I'm delivering a treat or saying good-bye.

I have heard for myself his incredible vocabulary. It doesn't consist of many words but he can call for Bob in every way imaginable. The range and inflection in his voice is astounding from a whisper to a shreak to a "help me" kind of approach. It's really funny. He does love mini-marshmallows, too.

Macaya lives with his humans PJ & Bob, overlooking wine country just north of San Francisco, CA. He shares his small farm with Chester the dog, Harley Hogg the stately potbelly pig, Pookie the cat and an Emu. It's an idyllic setting I love to visit...especially as the sun goes down over the vineyard on the distant hill and the only sound you hear as evening settles in is a soft breeze tickling the windchimes, Harley's hoof steps as he lumbers across the deck to his bed for the night, and the sound of one solitary voice wafting across the evening air...BBBBBBOBBBBBB!!

Macaya's Photo Gallery

my tree

my banana

run when I do this - I'll get'ya

my popcorn

this warning is for mom

I said don't touch MY Bob

our exercise time

my scrambled eggs

mom's comin' too close to MY Bob

we're just dreaming of days gone by overlooking comanche & heritage's pasture

did I tell you I hate snow