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Bruce Piggie

In Memory of Bruce 11/2001 to 5/22/2009. He was an energetic 7 1/2 year old—about 100 in human years. He will be missed.

I have found that some species are more talkative than others, dogs for example usually have lots to relate about the goings on in their life with their people. Sometimes cats can be stereotypically haughty, requiring a question before they speak, although most are quick to let their people know what they can do to make them happier. And I've yet to meet a horse or a pig who didn't have a lot to say. Bruce was a different matter.

Bruce is a guinea pig who lives with his humans in NJ. In a house full of beloved rescued animals, Bruce is one of many guinea pigs, several bunnies, a couple of sheltie dogs and I believe some hamsters as well. When Jackie calls in to speak with the lot of them, it's always enlightening. This household sheds light on that whole 'different species, different outlook' scenario I'm talking about.

Bruce is a thinker. He has a different perception about how he looks than we do, too. Something I see more often than you might expect. See for yourself:


Bruce told us he likes to think, so naturally I asked him what does he like to think about?

"Touching my swirls," he replied calmly, indicating that he enjoys when people do that to him on his forehead, just between his ears.

"Touching your swirls?" I asked, unsure I understood correctly.

"Yes, touching my swirls," he repeated, and again showed me a person's single finger reaching down to touch a swirl on his head, moving that finger in the direction his swirl twirled.

"Well what do you think about when people touch your swirl, Bruce?" I asked, as the next most intelligent thing I could think of to say.

"People touching my swirls," he replied with intent.

That was good enough for us. Obviously Bruce liked to be touched as much as he felt people liked to touch his beautiful swirl. The only odd thing about all this... Bruce is short haired, unlike the other guinea pigs in his room who have long flowing locks. Jackie and I aren't quite sure where his swirl is!