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"If you see legs, FREEZE!" Big Daddy
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"Big Daddy is an Iguana. All 5 1/2 feet of him live in New Jersey with his human, Drea and their pal Godzooki. There used to be three of them, but last year Tweety got ill and crossed over. He is missed much.

Iguanas are a different kind of companion to share your life with. Not only do they require special food and health care, they also require a special environment. As an animal communicator, I find that Iguanas, like other reptiles I've communicated with, are not the conversationalists that mammals are. Perhaps it's because they are cold-blooded and do not know their mothers? I don't know, but I do know they operate in the 'here and now', are slow to converse and have a very primitive, survivalistic feel about them.

In fact, this is what sparked Big Daddy's quote this past January. It was in regards to Drea telling me about Iguanas in the wild. As she spoke, Big Daddy suddenly jumped in to say:

'If you see no legs - FREEZE!'

Then he showed me "no legs" meant a snake and snakes eat Iguanas. He went on to show me that if you see legs, it equals 'be territorial.' And Big Daddy conveyed that Iguanas do NOT like birds."

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