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"Guilt is an excuse to stop learning."

Amaya Casey

Amaya is a beautiful little cat who lives in Georgia with her humans, her cat friend Cleo, and their canine buddy, Hercules. Ususally Cleo is the one who spouts words of wisdom in communications. However this time, as her human Nikki tried to make her way through some earlier childhood issues upon her mother's crossing, that was making her feel a bit guilty over things that were waaayyyy in the past, Amaya spoke up.

I was taken aback. In your life, have you escaped feelings of guilt? In your life, have you eluded a loved one who tried to make you feel guilty? As children, we fall prey to that often, as had Nikki. And sometimes it takes a

lifetime to get over them, if you ever do. Nikki had worked a lot on herself over the years, and did not want to backslide.

"Mom likes to learn more all of the time," Amaya continued. "Don't fall into the trap of guilt."

It's true that many times we give up on a situation, and as I look back in my own life, many times it was because I felt guilty over being in that situation to begin with. I should have known better, or I should not have succumbed to the direction I took even though my gut told me not to. With Amaya's message this day, I felt she had put ME on notice, too. Guilt is a useless emotion — never stop learning.